Slug Replicant
Slug Replicant


Heath Locus Portal, Soveldad Fortress

Slug Replicants are Machina type monsters ecountered around the Heath Locus Portal. Characterized by their humanoid form and one arm, Slug Replicants are the weakest monsters in the area. Occasionally an orange skinned two armed version, called a Noble Slug, can appear alongside the Slug Replicant and is significantly stronger. This monster has nasty kamikaze skill called 'Explode' which deals lots of damage and usually kill player, however Slug will use this skill only if he has low HP, so to avoid it you just need to take him down with one hit.



Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
52 ~505 348 65 Water ?


  • Sieg Gun - Multiple hit physical attack
  • Heavy Tonfa - Strong physical attack
  • Explode - Mass kamikaze attack (Only when low HP)