Ripple Beach
Ripple Beach
Ripple Beach




Alfeld, Floater Eye, Keratus, Lettie, Lich Lettie, Rigidtail

Almerie Plain (Southern) - Ripple Beach - Almerie Plain (Northern) / Miltsteife Ruins
A connector between the Northern and Southern portions of the Almerie Plains and an entrance to the Miltsteife Ruins. Ripple Beach is the home of Alfeld, Rigidtail, Floater Eye, Lettie, Lich Lettie, and Keratus. The latter of which can only be fought by accepting quests given by Vitt.

The beach area wraps around a central structure and is the general spawn for Alfeld, Rigidtail and an occasional Lich Lettie (who serves as a hazard for unsuspecting lower level users). Lower level users shouldn't have too much trouble passing through this section.

The central path serves as a quick access between the beach and Northern Almerie Plains. It plays host to Floater Eye, Lettie, Rigidtail and an occasional Lich Lettie. Like the beach area, lower level users shouldn't have too much trouble passing through.

The entrance to the Miltsteife Ruins sits directly beneath Carlo and is by far the most dangerous spot for low level users. The entrance plays host to Lettie, Floater Eye and Lich Lettie. Unlike the other areas, Lich Lettie spawn more often and two or more can be seen navigating the area at the same time.

The upper walkway gives you a peaceful and safer way to get from the beach to Northern Almerie Plains or Miltsteife Ruins entrance as monsters do not spawn on it. Carlo also resides here and is nearer to the set of stairs coming from Southern Almerie Plains. This pathway also give you access to Keratus as it spawn in a hidden room that is only accessible from the Northwestern portion of the walkway.

Monster CombinationsEdit