Priere Plain
Priere Plain
Priere Plain




Desert Dragon, Dizagripper, Malettie, Morissus, Rare Diza

Heath Locus Portal - Priere Plain - Adelbard Gate - Sewer (Exit from Sewers only)

Priere Plain is located west of the Heath Locus Portal. It's lush grassland and river is quite a contrast to the harsh environment of the Heath Locus. In order to access the area, the player must be at a minimum level of 55. The well provides exit only access from the Sewer.

The plain is densely populated by Dizagrippers, Morissi and Desert Dragons. Occasionally, a Rare Diza will apear alongside a Morissus. After accepting the Sneaking Demon Quest, a Malettie will appear in the Western section of the area, causing territorial disputes among the monsters.

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