Poison Boar
Poison Boar


Ordina Tower, Magic Gate Cartio

Currently one of the toughest monsters to kill, A Poison Boar can be found within Ordina Tower. Its attacks are powerful and beware of its poisonous "Acid Breath" that could deal alot of damage and will drain your HP at the same time, making your hands full. To get the thing even more spicy, they are always two of them, three if you engage with a party.

The Poison Boar is related to 'Charge' and 'Tower Monsters Research' quests from Gino, 'The Secret of Vitt' from Alessio and 'Demon World Fang' quest from Shannyn.

Locatio Edit


Ordina TowerEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
50 ~9437 380 53 ? ?

Magic Gate CartioEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
150 ~75000 ? ? ? ?


  • Charge - Physical attack
  • Acid Breath - A zoned attack which have a chance to inflict Poison or Venom


Magic Gate CartioEdit