Merida Village
Merida Village Map
Merida Village


Alessio, Anna, Anton, Fedelie, Geraldo, Vitt



Almerie Plain - Merida Village - Lafi Canyon

Merida Village is the village where most players will spend their spare time when they are not busy questing or farming for mats. No monsters are able to spawn inside the village so it is safe to rest here.

It's the little town where players start their adventure towards becoming the greatest hero in the land.


There are several NPCs in the village, eachone has a role:

  • Fedelie will helps players manage thier inventory by providing a storage where players can store up to 40 items. Players can also sell their spare items to others players in the Shop to earn money.
  • Vitt is the captain of the knights, he hands out quests, whose difficulty can range from extremely difficult to mind-numbingly easy; each quest is rewarded after completion.
  • Anton is the owner of the blacksmith, where players can buy and sell items and weapons, and also make and install cores in their weapons and remake their equipment with materials to upgrade them to the next tier.
  • Anna lives in the "north-east" corner of the village, and will give some quests that will be rewarded with accessories.
  • Alessio is one of the Knights who can be found under a small canyon gap (there is a path going down near Vitt). He will give hand out quests and his story quest is needed to progress further.
  • Mr. Geraldo is the mayor of Merida Village, players can talk to him to "Rest" and fully recover their status.


  • When the player's level is high enough, Mr. Geraldo will ask you for a fee for "Resting" (10 x Current Level)
(Ex. Level 25, Fee for "Rest" = 250 Zells)
  • Anton will sometimes give quests.