Grillard Village
Grillard Village
Grillard Village


Alisha, Fedelie, Josef, Lorenzo, Nino, Patrice, Selena



Loudad Cave - Grillard Village - Caderc Tower

Grillard Village is the second village that you will visit after exiting Loudad Cave. Compared to Merida Village's climate, Grillard is a desert village with houses built on stiff and strong rocks.

The village is famous for its wine, which is well regarded even in the capitol. Some vintages produced can sell for several hundred Zell. The locals are proud of the vineyards and often stand in defense of them when raided by monsters, ignoring Partice's plea for them to flee.

This is where most players rest and stack up their potions and stuff and will also arrange their storage with Fedelie.


  • Alisha is in charge of the inn and will often give you quests to improve business. She is also the twin sister of Selena who runs the tavern.
  • Fedelie is the traveling merchant you first met in Merida Village. Like in Merida, you sell items to other players or have Fedelie store them for you.
  • Josef is the village Blacksmith and will take care of all Core, Remake, and Upgrade needs. Unlike his Merida counterpart Anton, he does not run a shop as Nino fills this position instead.
  • Lorenzo is in charge of the knights in the area. He can be found in the tavern at all times, much to Selena's annoyance, and will give the player quests related Loudad Cave or Caderc Tower.
  • Nino is charge of the village shop, providing the player with higher level equipment and potions that were unavailable previously.
  • Patrice is Geraldo's counterpart in Grillard and actually knew him when he was younger.
  • Selena is in charge of the local tavern and is the twin sister of Alisha who runs the inn.