Forest Locus Portal
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Forest Locus Portal


Fabio, Viola


Caramo, Jelly Toad, Lich Caramo, Wooden

Almerie Plains (Northern) - Forest Locus Portal
Famous for its known Teleportation system, Forest Locus Portal is a dense forest connected to the Northern Almerie Plains, which is teeming with wildlife monsters, from the colorful Jelly Toads, to the lively Caramos, even the ferocious Woodens, players must be cautious, for there is a mini-boss here named Lich Caramo.

In the Northern part of this forest the player can find a Portal and Viola, a human machina created by the Mystico Machina to serve their customers as best as they possibly could and tell the player how to use the Portal system.

The Southern and Western part of the forest are where most Jelly Toads spawn while the Eastern and Central part are where most Caramos spawn.

Woodens generally are with Jelly Toads and are slightly stronger than the Woodens in the Northern Almerie Plains.

This area is only accessible to player with level 24 and up.

Monsters CombinationsEdit


  • Fabio is located in the Southern part of the forest, Before you enter the tree bridge, Go east and you will eventually see Fabio. He will generally give you quests.
  • Viola is located at the Northernmost part of the forest, she is a guide on how to use the Portal system, She will also give some quests.

Portal DestinationsEdit

  • Merida Village - Lv 1 - 800Z
  • Almerie Plain - Lv 1 - 500Z
  • Ripple Beach - Lv 4 - 400Z
  • Heath Locus Portal - Lv 50 - 1000Z
  • Battlefield Locus Portal - Lv 80 - 1300Z