All quests listed can be repeated once per day and as of the current version of the game, only one quest can be selected per day.

Note: Daily Quests are indicated by a star to the left side of the quest title when view quests offered by NPCs

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Bernd QuestsEdit

Double ScreamEdit

  • Defeat Illy Tia and Illy Tus and report to Bernd at Sonne
  • Target: Illy Tia & Illy Tus
  • Items received: 39200Z + 115250 EXP

Carlo QuestsEdit

Living JewelsEdit

  • Pickup 3 Vermillion Shells in the Miltsteife Ruins underground. Bring them back to Carlo.
  • Quest Item required: Vermillion Shells (3) (Location: Miltsteife Ruins 62,46; 74,114; 110,105)
  • Items received: Medelita (7) + 200 EXP

Ruin HuntEdit

  • Beat 5 Yaromes in Miltschteife Ruin and report back to Carlo on Ripple Beach.
  • Target: Yarome (5)
  • Items received: Medelita (5)

Dario QuestsEdit

Heath HuntEdit

Flicker Flame ShadowEdit

  • Defeat Volketus at Fire Sanctuary and report to Dario at Heath Locus Portal
  • Target: Volketus
  • Items received: 36000Z + 97200 EXP

Diego QuestsEdit

Apys Forest SubjugationEdit

  • Defeat 15 Hellvine and Wizlettie in Apys Forest and report to Diego in Nelvinen
  • Target: Hellvine, Wizlettie
  • Items Received: 10500Z + 3310 EXP

Elmo QuestsEdit

Bug CallsEdit

  • Get 1 Keekwee Bug from the Woodens in Almerie Plains and bring it back to Elmo
  • Quest Item required: Keekwee Bug (1)
  • Items received: 1500Z

Battle for RevengeEdit

  • Battle Elmo atop the large bridge in Rafika Canyon
  • Target: Elmo, Fabio, Gino
  • Items received: 14000Z + 19600 EXP

Fabio QuestsEdit

Forest HuntEdit

  • Beat 10 Jelly Toads around the Forest Locus and report back to Fabio
  • Target: Jelly Toad (10)
  • Items received: Virita (5) + 840 EXP

Geraldo QuestsEdit


  • Get a Starstone from the Ordina Tower Courtyard. Bring it back to Geraldo in Merida Village.
  • Quest Item required: Starstone
  • Items received: Virita (7)

Gert QuestsEdit

To Protect our HomelandEdit

  • Defeat 15 Estreps and Otton living in Cladis River and report to Gert.
  • Items Received: 11400Z + 3900 EXP

Gino QuestsEdit

Cries in the Empty TowerEdit

  • Beat Divitile in Ordina Tower as quickly as possible and report to Gino.
  • Target: Divitile
  • Items received: 2400 EXP
  • Note: If the quest is completed in less than 15 minutes, the player receives 9600 EXP. For 16-19 minutes completion, 4800 EXP.
  • Note: Rare weapon Evil Sword/Gun/Rod can be obtain

Tower HuntEdit

  • Beat 10 Evil Eyes and Flame Ants in Ordina Tower, then report back to Gino in Rafika Canyon.
  • Target: Evil Eye (10), Flame Ant (10)
  • Items received: 1500Z

Granberg QuestsEdit

The Return of WarriorEdit

  • Defeat Aero at Milt Castle site and report to Granberg at Hilltrook Village
  • Target: Aero
  • Items received: 34800Z + 90830 EXP

Hector QuestsEdit

Blue LightningEdit

  • Beat a Raiden nearby Lake Lillebren and report back to Hector
  • Target: Raiden
  • Items received: 6800Z + EX-Medelita (3)

Joel QuestsEdit

Return of the NightmareEdit

  • Beat Phareg in the top floor of Soveldad Fortress, then report back to Joel
  • Target: Phareg
  • Items received: 15000Z + 4320 EXP

Return of the HorrorEdit

  • Beat Over Phareg in the top floor of Soveldad Fortress, then report back to Joel
  • Target: Over Phareg
  • Items received: 18750Z, EX-Spirita (5) or Orr Sword or ?

Kurt QuestsEdit

Flying Bird ChaseEdit

  • Beat the Evil Fluffy in Custus Gate and report back to Kurt.
  • Target: Evil Fluffy
  • Items received: 5800Z

Leeze QuestsEdit

Leeze's Medicine ReviewEdit

  • Bring Glowmoss from Miltsteife Ruins and Stingergrass from the Northern Almerie Plains to Leeze in Almerie.
  • Key Item: Glowmoss + Stingergrass
  • Items received: Mystic Bottle (1) + Mystic Keg (1)

Lorenzo QuestsEdit

Corridor HuntEdit

  • Beat 10 Iris Lepanon and 5 Licklizards in Cadderk Corridor, then report back to Lorenzo.
  • Target: Iris Lepanon (10), Licklizard (5)
  • Items received: Spirita (5) + 1940 EXP
  • Note: Cadderk Corridor and Caderc Tower are the same location

Loudad HuntEdit

  • Beat 5 Coolies and 5 Cargoes in Loudad Cave, then report back to Lorenzo in Grillard Village.
  • Target: Coolie (5), Cargo (5)
  • Items received: Virita (7)

Wild Bird ChaseEdit

Beat the Fluffy chick in Cadderk Corridor and report back to Lorenzo in Grillard Village

  • Target: Fluffy
  • Items received: EX-Medelita (3) + 3600 EXP

Lucian QuestsEdit

Tasty CrystalsEdit

  • Bring 3 Salt Crystals from the Heath Locus Portal to Lucian at the United Knight HQ.
  • Quest Item required: Salt Crystal (3)
  • Items received: Medelita (15) + Virita (9)

Seeds of AnxietyEdit

  • Bring 5 Dizagripper Spikes and 5 Wink Tears from Priere Plain to Lucian at the United Knight HQ
  • Quest Item required: Earth Spike (5) + Wink Tear (5)
  • Items received: 6200Z + 3840 EXP

Luccio QuestsEdit

Watcher of the ForestEdit

  • Defeat Metos Latro Re in Apys Forest and report to Luccio of the Mage Guild
  • Target: Metos Latro Re
  • Items received: 11700Z + 4110 EXP

Guardian of the ForbiddenEdit

  • Defeat Anatole in Lita Spira Tower and report to Luccio of the Mage Guild
  • Target: Anatole
  • Items received: 21200Z + Lynx Grass or 33710 EXP
  • Unlock condition: Complete the quest " Watcher of the Forest" once.

Matthias QuestsEdit

Sneaking DemonEdit

  • Defeat Malettie in western area of Priere Plain and report to Matthias
  • Target: Malettie
  • Items received: Ex-Spirita (3) + 5620 EXP

Montes QuestsEdit

Battlefield HuntEdit

  • Beat 15 Sir Letties and Poison Toads at the Battlefield Locus Portal and report back to Montez.
  • Target: Sir Lettie (15), Poison Toad (15)
  • Items Received: 9200Z

Shadow Falls to EarthEdit

  • Defeat Fele Style at Earth Sanctuary and report to Montes
  • Target: Fele Style
  • Items received: 37600Z + 106030 EXP

Morris QuestsEdit

Stop the Core EaterEdit

  • Beat the Zillalance two floors underground in the Core Lab, the report back to Morris
  • Target: Zillalance
  • Items received: 10000Z
  • Note: Rare weapon The Saw can be obtained

Patrick QuestsEdit

Weaving Shadow in WaterEdit

  • Defeat Aciseglance at Water Sanctuary and report to Patrick
  • Target: Aciseglance
  • Items received: 38000Z + Magna-Medelita (3)

Paul QuestsEdit

Phantasmal EchoesEdit

  • Defeat Caelum Purge Group recreated at Lowa Pillar and report to Paul
  • Target: Caelum Purge Group
  • Items received: 33000Z + 81675 EXP

Ramon QuestsEdit

Anti-Caelum TrainingEdit

  • Beat Metos Latro, Metos Dolus and Metos Lupus in the fortress, then report back to Ramon.
  • Target: Metos Latro (1), Metos Dolus (1), Metos Lupus (1)
  • Items received: 8700Z

Mysterious Cyber SoldierEdit

  • Defeat Slug Commander in Soveldad Fortress and report to Ramon in Menothra Plain.
  • Target: Slug Commander
  • Items received: Smelling Salts (1) + 11000Z

Razals QuestsEdit

Fortress HuntEdit

  • Beat 15 Floatfins and 15 Slugs in Soveldad Fortress, then report back to Razals
  • Target: Floatfin (15), Slug Replicant (15)
  • Items received: 8800Z + 2320 EXP

Raging WingEdit

  • Defeat Mosshade at top layer of Soveldad Fortress Switchyard and report to Razals
  • Target: Mosshade
  • Items received: Omega-Virita (1) + 67500 EXP or ?

Sandy QuestsEdit

Battle of LuckEdit

  • Beat Sandy, Karno and Jacques in Adelbard City a rock/scissors/paper match.
  • Quest item required/Items received:
    • Beat Sandy: 350Z
    • Beat Sandy, Karno & Jacques: 800Z
    • Beat Sandy, Karno, Jacques, Balto, Eduardo & Mariel: 3000Z
    • Beat Sandy, Karno, Jacques, Balto, Eduardo, Mariel, Yugue, Matthias & Dario: 10000Z
  • Note: It will cost you 300 Zell to do this quest.

Selena QuestsEdit

Men, Women and WineEdit

  • Bring wine from Lorenzo, Marcato in Caderc Tower, and Kurt in Custus Gate over to Selena
  • Items received: Ex-Medelita (3)

Vitt QuestsEdit

Merida Mission 1Edit

  • Have Alessio, Elmo, and Carlo sign your papers, then bring them back to Vitt in Merida.
  • Items received: Spirita (3)

Party Strengthening TrainingEdit

  • Join a party, go to the large bridge in Rafika Canyon and fight Vitt
  • Target: Vitt, Elmo, Fabio
  • Items received: 29800Z + 67500 EXP

Willem QuestsEdit

Core Lab HuntEdit

  • Beat 10 Zillienbies, Caimans, and Atamelies in the Core Lab. Report back to Willem.
  • Target: Zillienby (10), Caiman (10), Atamelie (10)
  • Items received: 8000Z + 7800 EXP