Almerie Plain
Almerie Plain
Almerie Plain


Elmo, Leeze


Gripper, Lettie, Morissus, Noblegripper Wooden

Merida Village - Almerie Plain (Southern) - Ripple Beach - Almerie Plain (Northern) - Torencia Cave / Forest Locus Portal
Almerie Plain is the first map players gain access to after exiting Merida Village from the main gate. It is divided into 2 parts, the Southern Almerie Plain, where Grippers and Morissus (which are weak monsters) spawn, and the Northern Almerie Plain, where Wooden, Letties and an occasional mini-boss Noblegripper spawn.

While Southern section of the plain is accesible to players of all levels, the Northern section is only accessible through Ripple Beach after the player has reached level 15. Players can take a shortcut from the Northern section to the Southern section by jumping down the cliff behind Elmo.

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Almerie Plains

Monster CombinationsEdit




  • Leeze is a little girl who will give quests that usually involve finding herbs in other maps, in exchange for increasingly more powerful resoration items that players can use to heal himself/herself.
  • Elmo is located in front of a cliff that the player can use to pass from the northern part to the southern part (it is impossible to do it the other way, the player has to pass through Ripple Beach to get to the northern part). He is one of the knights who will give quests or will be required to complete others.